Angela Silva

“Being able to express yourself openly and freely is an important part of life, especially when you’re coping with the death of a loved one.”

Angela Silva

Menomonee Falls & Sussex
Angela is a tremendously creative, fun-loving person who is as thoughtful and caring in her work as a

funeral director

as her yarn is soft. When she’s not knitting adorable hats and scarves, she’s creating the cutest little stuffed monster-like creatures you’ve ever seen (or hugged). She loves making things, but loves making others smile the most. That’s the kind of family she comes from—one that enjoys getting together and sharing laughs. And, in the case of her father, sharing the same taste in music—the Rolling Stones! Angela is originally from Kenosha, and makes her home in Menomonee Falls with her husband Pete. She joined Schmidt & Bartelt in 2005, and holds a degree in Mortuary Science from MATC.